Calling all Bostonians?

I'm fairly new to Boston, after moving here a couple of years ago from Ohio. I'm used to having a course around the corner, a golf shop down the street and a variety of indoor ranges for the chilly months.
Where do you...
...Play, especially North of town (Looking for some nice public tracks within 30 minutes of Charlestown/Cambridge.
...Get your equipment, try out the latest. I didn't see a golfsmith or golf galaxy anywhere near the city.
...Get your clubs worked on. Re shafts, lied adjustments, etc.
...Practice during the 6 months of the year weather does not permit you on a course. (I've been to the range in Dedham, but its a good half hour minimum for me)
Please help. I am a lost sole without these simple amenities. I know they must exist!
Welcome to the area. Not sure if this is of any interest to you, but there's a very nice facility across the border in Hudson NH. Golf and Ski Warehouse... tax free They stock all the top manufacturers as well, and you can demo anything.
They have a huge grass range, and even heated bays for winter practice.
If Nashua is too far North for you, there is a Golfers Warehouse in Natick (take the Pike west to Natick, near the mall). They have indoor bays and lots of clubs. I believe there is another Golfers Warehouse on Route 1 in Peabody, but it's not as nice.
I HIGHLY recommend the store in Hudson. I spend too much time there... but I also live five minutes away.
I live in Charlestown and I usually play at Butter Brook. Great track. If you don't mind driving another 10 minutes, you can play at Shaker Hills. Atkinson CC is a good track as well
Franklin St Golf in Downtown Boston has a good selection. M-F. Jack Guan who manages that place is a solid guy. He does work on clubs as well, reshaft, lie etc. There's also Frank Viola up in Revere. He's the Joe Kwock of NE. However, I usually go to Jack. Fast turn around time....
Let me know what else I can help with. Maybe we can tee it up when the snow clears out.
Harmon Club
Harmon is in Rockland and its furthur than Dedham.... they also won't let you use their range unless you're a member there.....
Welcome to Boston.
Best courses I've played - Shaker Hills in Harvard, Red Tail in Devens, Granite Links in Quincy. I also enjoyed playing Stow Acres. Sagamore Springs in Lynnfield is a nice, inexpensive public course.
I'd recommend checking out the Boston Amateur Golf Society, I just joined for the 2010 season (have heard good things) and I'm looking forward to the frequent outings and competitive spirit. Getting a chance to play some of the nicer private courses around Boston is another perk. Membership is $165 but they had a $100 special in December - you might see if you could email and still get that rate.
There's a Golfer's Warehouse in Natick that has a decent selection and putting green / driving bays.
For club work, talk to Frank Viola (Ace of Clubs) in Saugus, MA. A lot of people here can recommend his work. I had a Launch Monitor fitting with him earlier this week and he was great to work with. He has access to a lot of new/tour gear that you can't get off the rack (he had the new Taylormade Supertri black driver heads in his workshop when I was there). He's also one of the few places to try out Scratch gear in the northeast.
There are a few City Golf locations for indoor practice, lessons, and simulator time. Big Sticks Golf in Burlington has the same but I haven't been there yet. The Southboro Golf & Learning Center is right off the Pike about 30min from Boston and has year-round heated outdoor driving bays. I've been there a few times and would recommend it. There's another driving range in Lexington right off Route 2 near you but it's closed for the winter.
If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
welcome to the area. Please refrain from having yourself and all family members purchasing any pink sports clothing. sorry, we take our teams seriously around here.
not exactly close but the Golf and Ski Warehouse near Pease Air Force Base (in Greenland, NH about 10 minutes over the border) is another great shop.
I frequent the Golf Warehouse in Natick simply because it has the best selection for shops somewhat close to me (still 45 minutes away)
Buddy of mine goes to F Viola and swears by him. might be worth checking him out.
as far as golf courses go, the Boston/Worcester area has a ton of great courses. as does the Cape area. You will probably get about 40 different answers and most are good choices.
I'm not moving to the area but will be up there for 2 days next month. I know better than to ask where to play But I need some advice on where to put down roots for two nights. I can stay at a downtown hotel at a very good rate (a favor) but my business will be out near Lexington. I'm sure being downtown will offer more night time entertainment, but is there any reason I should consider staying out near Lexington?
Thanks for any suggestions. I wish I was coming during golf season as I've heard there are some phenomenal courses up that way.
Check out Hotel Indigo if you will have business out in Lexington. Very cool hotel. Not sure on rates. Lexington is about 10-15 min. from there.
Frank Viola is great to work with. I do all my stuff through only him. I have brought him all of my golf buddies and they all are hooked too. Can't go wrong with Frank!
Check out Hotel Indigo if you will have business out in Lexington. Very cool hotel. Not sure on rates. Lexington is about 10-15 min. from there.
Frank Viola is great to work with. I do all my stuff through only him. I have brought him all of my golf buddies and they all are hooked too. Can't go wrong with Frank!
Is his shop near the Lexington area? I wasn't going to take the clubs obviously but if it's worth stopping in and seeing a new golf shop, I'm all for it.
I'll take a look at the Hotel Indigo. How are the dining and entertainment (sports bars or such) options in Lexington.
Thank you guys!
I appreciate the info, life in Boston has been bittersweet so far. Its nice to know there are some kind helpful people around here. Looking forward to reviving my weekend trips to the golf shop!
By the way, any of these stores have legitimate LM's available? Do they charge to use?
I'll give another shout-out to Frank @ Ace of Clubs. Was there today dropping off my 3W & Hybrid for shafts and picking up my new Scratch irons. He's doing my whole bag this year.
Golfers Warehouse does have a launch monitor but its not free. place kinda sucks in my opinion.
I dont venture North of Boston too often so I cant offer too much more info.
Like most things in life it depends on your perspective, but I suggest that you look into a National Membership at The Orchards. Donald Ross gem, US Women's Open and pretty close to the Mass Pike even though it is West of you. Very reasonable membership, some good players and yes at times some scratchy conditioning. Take a look.
+1 on Golfer's Warehouse in Natick. There used to be more golf retailers around here (Nevada Bob's, Golf Day, and a few smaller ones) but they all went bust. There is an Edwin Watts off Rt. 3 down in Norwell. Leeder Board Golf is a good shop on Federal Street (if its still there).
Shaker Hills and Red Tail are good golf courses North of Boston. Shaker is nice - Red Tail is a better track but more $. South of Boston down towards the Cape, Pinehills is very nice in Plymouth and there are a lot of good courses on the Cape . Blackstone National is a good course about 45 minutes West of Boston.
Good public golf north of Boston is not as good as either South or West of Boston. With that said I agree with Frank Viola as he does good work and my personal favorite club guy Joe Leahy who is further away closer to Providence. For golf shops I prefer Golf Zone in Woburn and another thumbs up for Golf and Ski in Hudson, NH to any Golfer's Warehouse.
North of Boston, I like The Meadows, Sagamore is a decent track but very packed (i.e. Slow) on the weekends. Butter Brook, Shaker Hills, Red Tail (maybe the best public course in MA) and Atkinson Resort are also all good courses.
Welcome to the area! The winters are tough. I will second the recommendation for Golf Zone in Woburn. The are an independent golf shop with a great selection of equipment and good people working there. You won't get the hard sell and they have a launch monitor available. I have used it many times and there's no charge.
Options for hitting balls outdoors during the winter are limited. GolfTown (I think that's still the name) in Middleton has heated bays, is right next to Richardson's ice cream, and isn't far from Golfer's Warehouse on route 1 in Danvers. If you like ice cream, you'll be hard pressed to find better ice cream in the area than Richardson's! There used to be a range on route 1 in Saugus that had heated bays too. I don't even know if they're still open.
As far as courses North of town there isn't a lot. The Meadows in Peabody is supposed to be very good but I still haven't played it. Gannon GC in Lynn is underrated in my opinion but stay away on the weekends. Sagamore is a fun course. Further north towards the NH border is Meadow Creek in Dracut, which is a favorite of mine. Shaker Hills, Butter Brook, and Redtail are all good as others have mentioned. Shaker Hills is a favorite of mine and while I like Redtail, I thinks it's overpriced. You can't go wrong with any of the Plymouth golf courses. Both of the Pinehills courses are outstanding. Crosswinds is a 27 hole layout and an outstanding value. Waverly Oaks may be open again in 2010 (they were supposed to build a movie studio on the property but it looks like the deal fell apart). That's a good track too. And then of course, there's Cape Cod golf. There are a lot of great private courses in the area too. If you have any connections through work or networking, don't pass up the opportunity.
Take care. Stay warm.
For equipment: Another vote for the Golf Zone in Woburn. Competitive prices and staffed by PGA pros that are good guys.
For winter ranges north of Boston they have been mentioned:
Golf Country in Middleton (next to Richardsons ice creaam)
Golf Country in Saugus
Golf and Ski Warehouse in Hudson NH
Check out Hotel Indigo if you will have business out in Lexington. Very cool hotel. Not sure on rates. Lexington is about 10-15 min. from there.
Frank Viola is great to work with. I do all my stuff through only him. I have brought him all of my golf buddies and they all are hooked too. Can't go wrong with Frank!
I just found out we'll be meeting in the Cambridge area instead. Much better, I think. That makes the decision much easier to stay in Downtown. I've been to Cambridge once before in the summer it was beautiful, probably not as much this time of year sorry for jumping in on the thread.
Frank from aceof clubs is great! really knows his stuff.
Golf Zone i heard is good, never been
Big STicks Golf in burlington has a flightscope LM and video equipment gets busy on weekends but can make tee time, its great their simulator is wicked accurate (aboutgolf)
Middleton is another great place
good luck
Frank has a Launch Monitor and can also do some putter fittings in terms of length, loft, and lie that you should have. His facility doesn't have that "wow" factor but he knows his stuff big time! I will not have my clubs worked on by anyone else in the area. Every build he has done for me has been spot on and helped my game big time!
I have not been to Hotel Indigo yet but there is an expensive steak house style restaurant inside (also have good burgers). There are some ok restaurants in Lexington but much more options in Cambridge and Boston. For retail stuff, Golfers Warehouse is ok. They are under new ownership now so hopefully the store is more stocked with the latest options. They were pretty dead in there while the ownership changes was going on.
Welcome to the area, and also to the "pain" we feel each winter. I always find myself even more stir crazy when the PGA season starts. I'm a little north of Boston, living in the Portsmouth, NH area. I frequent the Greenland, NH Golf and Ski, but definately a +1 for the one in Hudson, NH...heated bays now, try the latest equipment, huge range and great demo days in spring.
As for golf during the season, check out some of the courses around here. You really need to try The Ledges just over the Maine border in York. The greens are spectacular, and the conditions always great. From Charlestown etc it's 45 minutes and well worth the trip. I've played almost all the nicer public courses surrounding Boston, and I recommend Ledges and the drive north when comparing a similar drive to the Cape. Also give Portsmouth CC, a great old track and Breakfast Hill a look. There's quite a few more, but of course, it's a bit of a hike and you might not want to be driving every weekend.
Also, great looking boxer, I've got a 5 yr old "twin"
I used to live in the area before moving to Seattle. My favorite public tracks in the region are Shaker Hills and Red Tail (NW of town), and Pinehills and Waverly Oaks in the Plymouth area, as numerous posters have mentioned. I imagine there are some sweet private courses, though unfortunately I was a poor student and didn't know any members of any. And the Boston winters can be pretty brutal, keep your head up.